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Project Name- Adivasi Livelihood Project

Funding Agency- Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation

Project Area- This project is being carried out at Torpa block in Khunti district of Jharkhand which is approximately 50Kms. from the state capital i.e. Ranchi.

Project Period- This project is for a period of 5 years and was started on 9th April 2015.

Rationale of the Project- Tribals comprises almost 70% of the total population of this district. Some of the major problems faced by the tribal communities are degraded natural resources, primitive agriculture practices, lack of alternate livelihood sources, lack of alternate lack of infrastructure facilities etc all leading to extreme poverty and substandard living conditions.

BIRVA has been implementing various development programs in the Jharkhand state since 2005. A certain number of families are covered through the limited support available through existing programmes. It is however observed that several other deserving families are not covered due to inadequate support available and the inadequate reach of development programmes.

So with the support of Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation, BIRVA is facilitating the reach of such schemes and innovative implementation approaches to benefit the needy families in a more planned and organized manner. This project is aimed at putting in place a dedicated team to emulate the success of the proven tested models, innovative implementation approaches and mobilize resources through convergence from various agencies for reaching out to these needy families.

Planning & Process- The Participatory Village Development Planning process helps people from different social strata and hamlets, including both men and women, discuss their key development problems and possible solutions. Using various participatory tools to ensure healthy interaction among group members, people list priorities and chalk out action plans with details of location, cost, time schedules and the agencies involved. This process results in a village/cluster development plan with agreed commitments for effort and contributions. Planned activities will be implemented through a number of people’s organisations (POs). Mobilisation and capacity-building is done to establish POs at two levels: At the hamlet level, are primary groups of beneficiaries or producers. Primary groups include women’s self-help groups (SHGs). At the village level, there would be a Village Level Organisation (VLO) like Gram Vikas mandal (GVM) or village development body, with representatives from primary groups and other bodies such as JFMs and dairy cooperatives.

Strategical Approach Adopted- BIRVA had followed the following process:

Progress so Far:

  • Project coverage 10 Gram Panchyat having 63 villages of Torpa block.

  • 10 CRPs (Community Resource Person) have been working to emproved the villagers regarding various scheme of Govt.

  • Exposure of Training of 21 G.P. members & CRPs organised.

  • NPM also introduced among farmers.

  • SRI in paddy cultivation is being adopted by farmers.

  • 9 local youth have been got the skill development training in Pune & earning Rs. 10,000.00 to 15,000.00/per month.



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