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Funding Agency: NABARD

Project Period: 7 years. Started on 20th March 2015.

Project Area:

This project is being carried out at 22 villages of Giridih block in Giridih district of Jharkhand which is approximately 220Kms. from the state capital i.e. Ranchi.

Orchard Based Livelihood Programme(Wadi Project)

Under the sponsorship of NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development), BIRVA initiated this project in March 2015. It aims at upliftment of the poor tribal communities through adoption of Wadi project integrated with intercropping, non-farm activities (like Piggery, Goatery etc), women and landless development for sustainable promotion of their livelihoods. The project envisages upliftment of 1000 tribal families from 22 revenue villages over a period of 7 years. For each identified tribal family, one acre of land will be taken up for developing an orchard (wadi).

The major components of the programme are as follows:

  • Horticulture Plantation(Mango & Guava)

  • Soil conservation

  • Water resources development

  • Training/ capacity building

  • Health/ sanitation

  • Women Development

  • Micro enterprises for landless participants

Strategic Implementation:

For smooth implementation of the program we have formed a strategy to run this program through people's organisation. In this people's organisation, we have formed a group of farmers for whom the Wadi is proposed. Among these groups of farmers we have elected a leader amongst them who will look in to all the matters of the committee. This Apex will work on its own and the decisions will be made by them only. This is an innovative technique which we have introduced as the activities under the project will be carried out by the villagers on their own after the project gets over.

Progress So Far:

  • We have covered 456 participants under Wadi programme in which the participants have done pit digging, plantation, soil conservation and water resource development.As the target has been revised (456 WADI + 44 IGA) by NABARD, WADI farmer selection is completed.

  • Plantation of all 456 WADIs are completed.

  • 2 Groups WADIs are developed with social motivation of villagers. i.e 1st in village- Bordonga- single patels of 58 WADIs ,whether trenching,fencing WRD, soil conservation work is completed. Farmers are getting income from inter cropping. 2nd in village Birangadda- single patch of 03 WADIs (13 of phase1 + 70 of phase3) also has been developed. Farmers have installed sprinkler for irrigation of WADI plots.

  • Wadi Mandli formed = 41

  • SHG’s formed = 17

  • 32 farmers got exposure to well established WADI in other District.

  • Convergence with Agriculture Universities, Agriculture Departments and other development agencies had been fruitful for the project beneficiaries.

  • Compost pit = 21

  • 11000 saplings of forestry plants has been procured from forest dept.,Giridih

  • GM NABARD visited Berdongs cluster & conducted interaction with beneficiaries

  • Watermilon Cultivation initiated with 200 WADI Farmers

  • 2 days Training programme on Goat Rearing( For Microenterprises)has been conducted in Khunti for dated 30/10/17 & 31/10/17.

  • Fruiting is started in Mango & Guava of phase 1 WADIs.



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