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Breeding Programme Experience of Azola
  Triplet Calving "Tribute to Farmer"
  Cows and Daughters: Living out of the Dairy Business
  Life with the Dairy with Support from BAIF
  Bringing Back to Life- BAIF and Dairy 2 Sides of a Coin
  शंकाओ के बादल छ्टे और परचम लहराया
  मन की जीत से सुषमा ने जीत ली हारी बाजी
  दीवारों मे लिखी चंद बाटो ने जिंदगी बादल दी
  बाएफ पशु बिकास कार्यक्रम से माहिल गाँव की तकदीर बदल गयी है
Animal Management "A Better alternative" Heifer Rearing Programme
  "A blessing for a farmer" Heifer Rearing Programme
  Heifer Rearing- Making Business With Human Touch
  सेवानिवृत्व के बाद
Fodder Sequrity Azolla Acquires An Alternative 'AVATAR'
  Azolla - A New Ray of Hope
Goat Project बकरी पालन कर घनश्याम ने बनाई अलग पहचान
  Rejuvenation of livelihood through Goat Husbandry


Cows and Daughters: Living out of the Dairy Business

Dheni Sahu has been involved in Agriculture and cattle rearing from the very early days of life. He is blessed with 3 daughters and a son. He has total 6 members to his family whose responsibility lies totally on Mr. Sahu’s shoulders. He has struggled to meet requirements of the family till the day BAIF’s center in-charge met him.

When BAIF’s center in-charge met him, he was having one indigenous and one cross bred cow at his house. He was having 10 liters of milk a day for selling. He was somehow pulling his days with his family. He spoke to center in-charge about the challenges he was facing with his livelihood issues. Center in-charge suggested him about the AI of the indigenous and cross bred cows. He has no choice but to agree.

Both the cows were observed for coming in heat and then AI was done. He got 2 cross bred female calves. Then he again went to BAIF’s center in-charge about getting suggestion for rearing of heifers. He was explained about the rearing practices of the heifers and support from BAIF.  He followed that and fortunately he got his heifers ready for conception on right time. Again after the AI he got 2 female calves. He realized the potential of Dairy business and he got completely involved in the Dairy business. He got the best farmers ward along with his cow at the show organized by Government and got additional support of Rs.20000 for keeping cows in healthy and hygienic conditions. He has also started farming fodder for supplementing the feed for cows.

He started rotating his cows, means started selling and buying cows. He got good income from this business and he married his first daughter from income from dairy. Now he lives happily with his family. Al his children are studying in good schools and getting better education. He never forgets to thank BAIF and Dairy for his successful life.


Heifer Rearing- Making Business With Human Touch

Premawati Devi is living in the village Jiling of Kudu block in Lohardagga district. From her appearance she is just like any other women in the rural habitation. Her usual business is taking care of the household work and rearing children with the family. Her husband Mr. Brahmdeo Bharati is also a simple farmer struggling to make earnings for life. Life was tough for them as they struggled to meet their requirements from the land they were having. Along with land family was also having indigenous cows, which were more for dung than milk.

The life changing moment for Premawati and her family came in the form of center in-charge of BAIF, who advised them for Artificial Insemination of their cow. Hesitatingly family agreed to his idea though with much of disbelief and curiosity. They forget that their cow was inseminated and started living life as usual until symptoms of pregnancy started appearing for the cow.
First calf from the cow was a female which family reared as this was a special gift from the look and appearance.  After one and half year the female heifer was in heat and they again called center in-charge for the servicing. This time with a belief that something better is going to happen. AI was done and family started watching the Heifer with faith and aspiration of getting higher milk yield. Praying to god was also done. When this calf did not show any symptom of heat after one month they were convinced of pregnancy and more care was taken for the pregnant heifer.
Fortunately the calf was a female again. More than that what inspired family was the milk yield. Now the new generation cow was yielding 14 liters a day which was a magic for them. Income of the family started getting higher and higher with the increase in the number of cows.
Premawati got an idea of rearing heifers and selling out for making more money. She started buying indigenous cows and heifers and through AI started getting cross bred heifers. Now it is their full time business along with the milk selling. This is not the end of story, the most interesting part of the story is the way they sell their heifers.

Premawati visits the house of buyers and she makes it comfortable for herself that the family will be able to take care of the heifer. According to Premawati  these are her daughters and as every guardians wants to be sure of the well being of their cow daughters. Now the family is one of the respected families in the village and looks after dairy as a God’s grace for them and BAIF as the messenger of God. Now Premawati has got cows yielding as much as 20 liters a day and this has been the way to life for them. Premawati now a ambassador for dairy and BAIF in her village and villages around. Premawati earn approximately Rs.6000/month from this dairy business.


Life with the Dairy with Support from BAIF

If anyone wants to understand what Dairy can bring in some one’s life, he must read story of Mr. Jaishankar Singh from Lohardagga. Let me introduce to Mr. Jaishankar Singh. He is a frail looking farmer in his forties and having a family of 5 to rear with an un-irrigated land of approximately 1 Acre. Lower yield of land coupled with the uncertainties of nature plagued the life of Jaishankar. What could have been worse than not meeting his children’s education cost?

This started affecting his family life. Quarrel becomes routine for him when Paddy crop was also not coming up to the mark. This is what Jaishankar’s life was.

Every night has a day, and jaishankar’s day was today when he met the BAIF center in-charge. When BAIF’s center inchareg advised to have AI for their cows, like a person who is in the brink of dying jashankar do not have a choice but to agree to his suggestion. Jaishankra’s wife again cursed him for this step. Jaishankra was a fighter, he has fought it out till date and he was ready for the next fight. He tried to convince his wife but of no use, she was not willing to listen.

Days passed and Jaishankar waited for the appearance of the symptoms of heat in the cow for a month. It was not there, first hurdle was crossed. After nine months cows gave birth to a heifer and Jaisnkar’s fate was to change. It was just beginning, his wife was a little happy and jaishankar was proud of his win. After 1½  Year heifer also started showing signs of heat. Jaishnkar approached BAIF-Center inchrage for 2nd dose of his life changing drug-the AI for heifer. Center in-charge was also happy to see the changes in the attitude of his family and Jaishankar’s happiness.  

After 9 months again the happy moment came to Jaishankar’s house and heifer gave birth to a calf. Milk yield from the mother was unprecedented and it was close to 16 liters per day. Life has changed, Jaishankar and his wife are now a full time dairy farmers, his children have gain started going to school, he has started enjoying his life along with his wife of course.


Bringing Back to Life- BAIF and Dairy 2 Sides of a Coin

I am Dinesh Kumar Sahu, a resident of village Senha, Block – Senha, District- Lohardagga. I am a farmer having small piece measuring 1.5 acre in area. It is un-irrigated and low yielding. I am also supported by one indigenous and one cross bred cow. I am having my full family with my wife and children. Things were cruising well till nature started playing with our fate. Rain started irregular and my cross bred cow was also not conceiving. This is where my life took a turn and from farmer I become a wage earner.

With wage earning I tried to pull my family but unable to meet the requirement of family, I was forced to stop my children’s education. I have been one of the most unfortunate fathers asking my children to help in wage earning along with my wife. This was how life took a turn but I have faith on God and mu destiny. I didi not resorted to any illegal means except asking my children to work and stop studying. Every dog his day and I waited for the day till BAIF center in-charge Madhukarji met me.

BAIF’s center was hardly 100 meter away from my house. I always saw Madhukar ji going and helping farmers doing the AI. I do not dare to ask how it works and what he can do for me and my suffering family. My wife was a great support during these bad days. She asked me to get in touch with the Madhukarji. To respect her wish I went to Mashukarji asking for help BAIF. Madhukarji was kind enough to brief me about the BAIF programme ranging from AI to fodder farming and insurance. This was like     “ Dubte ko tinke ka sahara”.

Madhular ji did AI for both the indigenous cow and cross bred cow after he checked them. We all waited till the next month when cows do not show no symptoms of heat. We were in constant touch of Madhukarji. Along with daily wage earning we took care of our cows with utmost sincerity.  Our sincerity holds good return for us and we were having 2 female calves. We were the happiest person on the earth on that day and thanked Madhulaji and BAIF from core of our heart.

This changed our life. Currently I am having 5 milch cattle and I also grow green fodder as advised by BAIF. I also feed them with the concentrates and provide necessary supplements time go time as advised by BAIF. I follow diet chart advised by BAIF and take care of animals.

I earn approximately Rs.7500 from selling of milk as net income. My children have once again started going to school and started studying. I have stopped working as wage labour and now I am full time self employed person. I help in selling of milk and rearing of my best assets my cows at home. This has been only because of BAIF and my cows. I thank both these tools for growth.



"A Better alternative" Heifer Rearing Programme

This is a story of Shri Udaynath Mahto, father (late) Shri Jaggu Mahto from village Arru Thana- Senha block of Lohardaga distict. He was having a cross breed (Hfx )cow from his desi cow. He believed that “The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen”. With this belief he decided to avail AI services provided through BAIF.  On 2/6/08 his cow was inseminated with Dharmik Hfx 50%, he was very happy and his happiness and excitement doubled when a healthy new born female  calf was born on 18/3/09.

From then his life was totally changed, it is said that “success is the sum total of small efforts, repeated day in and out”. His strong belief and support from BAIF helped him to taste this experience.

The new born calf was taken care from center incharge, of Sehna center from time to time for, its better care and management. Other benefits were also provided to this Baif born progeny like, feed supplements- HRP, ACF , deworming as well as the new born calf was vaccinated (टिकाकरण).

As it is said “seeing is believing” this proverb is quite relevant in this context, as the villagers got inspired by the facilities and the benefits provided through BAIF DCDC. The services provided to the new born calf was an eye opener and it resulted in bringing a new interest, hope and enthusiasm among farmers to avail the same services which has been provided to Udaynath Mahto.  This had a positive impact on the whole village and helped in raising awareness level among farmers about the programme and services provided through BAIF.

As the time passed on, the new born calf  grew and  attained a good health through proper care and management. Through the combined efforts of both the center incharge of Sehna and Gokul Mitra, the baif born progeny was inseminated with Dhondi Hfx 50% on 4/6/11. And on 3/3/12 a healthy calf was born. The milk yield increased to 16 Liters a day.

Now, Udaynath Mahto says- that the Heifer Rearing Programme has totally changed his life. He realized that the facilities and services provided through this programme has made a revolution in his life and now he can happily take dairy as a good source of livelihood opportunity.

He wants to thank BAIF and the associated center incharge for making change in his life. As well as he wants to suggest others to avail the benefits and services provided by BAIF.



"A blessing for a farmer" Heifer Rearing Programme

Heifer Rearing Programme is really a boon/ a blessing for farmers. This is a story of a farmer Kalim Ansari from Lohardaga district. He was having a HFx cow (cross breed) from his desi cow.  One day, he came to know about Artificial insemination from one of the center incharge of BAIF of Sehna center. He was extremely excited, when he got to know about the “बछिया पालन पोषण योजना”. Through this programme, a farmer can avail multiple benefits, like feed (HRP, ACF), Mineral Mixture, vaccination, deworming etc.

It is correctly said that-
“Knowing is not enough; we must apply”
“Willing is not enough; we must do”

Thus he decided to avail benefit from this programme. From then a new dawn began for him and a positive change in his life came.  On 21st Nov’2007 his cow was inseminated with Yash, Hf 50%. After a few months, a healthy female calf was born. Kalim was happy to see that the new born female calf was given proper care and support from the center incharge. On 12th April’ 2008, calving of new born baif progeny was done and given a tag no- 3628.

Full support was given to Kalim so that he can take benefit through this programme. Through the DCDC of BAIF, Kalim received 1150 kg feed at 50% subsidized price. The New born calf was given support of feed from 3rd month till it delivers a new born.

It was ensured by center incharge that timely care and support was given to the Baif born progeny.  Feed supplements - HRP, ACF, vaccination, deworming and the calf was insured through this scheme.  Combined effort of center incharge and proper care and management from Kalims side gave a fruitful result. His heifer attained early growth and came to heat in few months.

On 21st June ’2010 kalim’s cow was inseminated by Dhondhi, HF 50%,  and on 22nd March’ 2011 a healthy female calf was born. The milk yield of this cow was 18 liters a day i.e.  two times more than her  mother.

It is said that “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”. Kalim Ansari is now inspiration for the whole village. He says that when he compares his past with the present, he feels a lot of difference. He has understood that “Fortune favors the brave”. Anything can be achieved with a strong will power and determination. He wants to give credit for this to the center incharge and gokul mitra of BAIF. Who always gave continuous support (information about the programme) and inspired him to avail the benefits.

Through constant support from BAIF, DCDC, Kalim’s cow for the 2nd time came in heat and gave birth to a male calf. He is very happy and says that he will avail the facility provided by BAIF, DCDC in future also.



Azolla Acquires An Alternative 'AVATAR'

Sri Bhanu Mahto is involved in animal husbandry and growing vegetable at 2 acre of nearby land for last 10 years. He is possessing 12 animals out of which 6 cattle are milking. He is progressive farmer of Patratu village under Chirna BAIF DCDC of Lohardaga district. He came in contact of BAIF DCDC in charge 3 years back when then DCDC I/C had visited his home for providing A.I. service. As usual DCDC briefed him for services being provided from DCDC other than breeding services i.e. provision of calf starter for heifer, concentrate feed and cattle feed other than provision of green fodder seeds viz. Maize, Bajra, Shirghum, Cowpea and Ricebean. Sri Mahto remained in contact with Chirna DCDC and got heifers born registered under Heifer Rearing Programme while he got fodder seeds.

Time by time technical guidance was provided by Agriculture Officer of BAIF to Sri Mahto for better feeding management of his herd.

Meanwhile Azolla Programme was started at DCDC Chirna, although he is not beneficiary under Azolla programme but after listening about as Azolla as feed supplement he established 2 Azolla beds through his own resources. DCDC I/C Chirna facilitated him in getting Azolla culture from Azolla beneficiary of Chirna DCDC. Mr. Mahto realized benefits of Azolla very promptly since it was observed by him that fat percentage of his cow milk has increased by 1.5 % just after feeding Azolla for 3-4 days. It was also observed by him that concentrate feed may be replaced by Azolla to substantial extent so he thought of escalating Azolla beds. Mr. V. K. Pathak, Agriculture Officer guided him and with in short time 20 Azolla beds were established by him and he started taking 25-30 kg of Azolla daily, feeding all milking cattle Azolla.

Presently he has grown Maize, Bajra, Shorghum, Cowpea and Ricebean in altogether of 1 acre of his land for green fodder. During lean season of March – June of every year he faces fodder scarcity so he has planned to have silage of surplus fodder produced, electric chaff cutter is with him and he wishes to use this machine for chaffing green fodder of maize and Bajra for silage. At present, he is producing 60 litres of milk daily which he sells at Dairy Cooperative established by Jharkhand Dairy Project (JDP) and Sweet Shop of Chirna and Bijupada local market.


















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